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Tips for Sales Representatives who Sell Here, Pay Here

To convince potential customers to come to their lot, Buy Here Pay Here dealers spend so much money and time on advertising. However, a poorly trained salesperson can drive customers away and cause them to lose all their efforts. Customers are often put off by largest used car dealer near me who lie to them. These are the things you should be looking out for.


Representatives are taught to not lie. Sometimes, this can prove difficult to believe because they can also be misleading. Let’s take, for example, a vehicle with a cool red paint but the paint has been scratched all over. A salesperson might tell you that this car is cool and will make you feel good about yourself. If the salesperson is trying to get you to buy the vehicle, they might say, “This vehicle will just embarrass your friends!” Both cases are true. They were using emotional propaganda to convince you of their idea. The first quote was about how cool the red color is, while the second one talks about the embarrassing scratches. You need to be able to see the facts clearly and not let your emotions get in the way of making informed decisions.

The Lies

Some representatives lack the necessary training and end up lying to ruin the reputation of the company. They will lie if they are aware of a fact that isn’t appealing. They might be able to tell you that the car was in an accident at one time. However, if you ask them whether the vehicle was involved in an accident previously, they may answer “We don’t have the history of the vehicles so we can’t really know for certain!” This is not a lie in the mind of the representative. However, he might not have the vehicle’s history. If he does, he should tell the customers and not play games.

Customers should be able to detect lies in representatives and catch them. When people lie, their tongues and mouths become dry. The sudden drop in moisture levels in the mouth is countered by an increase in moisture elsewhere. The forehead usually sweats, the nose tip, and back of the neck itches with excess moisture directed at them. In addition, the blinking rate rises or the fingertips are moistened with visible water vapor. These signs will help you know when representatives are honest and when they are lying!

Similar reactions can occur in the human body when under stress. If a representative feels pressured to negotiate or is new at his job, the same phenomenon could occur even if he is completely honest. Customers need to be able to discern between a lie or a stressful situation.

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