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Why an IRA Custodian is a better choice than a self-directed IRA

The self directed IRA gives you complete freedom to invest!

It’s so flexible that you can direct investments to real estate, small businesses, getting personal loan, bidding for foreclosures, precious metals, and any other investment that isn’t tied to Wall Street. You can see gold IRA companies for more information.

IRAs and the money in them are often invested in stocks, mutual funds, or bonds. All of these investments are tied to the US dollar, which is losing in purchasing power. That means your $100 bill’s value or worth may be only $70.00, and it is getting smaller by the day.

How do you set it up?

Talking to an IRA trustee is the first step. This kind of setup is specialized in the trustee or custodian. After you provide the company with your information, a specialist will call. Then, ask all questions that you may have about the self-directed IRA, and they will help you to understand.
Once the account is established, all money from your old account (IRA or 401k…) will be transferred to this account. You, the account holder, will make the final decision about where to invest your money. You can get vital information from your custodian about where your money is best used. It is up to you, however.
Now that you know the market and how the US Dollar is moving, it’s possible to invest in gold, silver, and platinum. You have the freedom to choose how you want your money invested, outside of the stock exchange.

What’s the point?

One of the many types of IRAs available, the self-directed IRA is the most flexible. You can use a part of your IRA funds or the entire amount to fund this account. This will save you from having to spend extra money.

If you are looking to protect your retirement funds with physical gold or silver, you can now purchase it. It is your responsibility to protect your money.

The US dollar is not as stable as gold, which has great stability. It has seen a 10 percent increase in its value over the past decade. Gold is seen by investors as the best investment option. Some believe gold’s value will triple within the next few years. Investors argue that gold is only a “breather”, and it has a fluctuating price.

Silver is, however, becoming too special! Many nations have almost run out of silver. Many people are not expecting silver’s price to match gold. The rarity of this metal will drive its value to an unimaginable level. This precious metal can be taken into your own IRA through self-directed IRA.