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Word 2007 Grammar Checker

Word’s grammar inspector isn’t always accurate. Word occasionally will flag an incorrect sentence. Word may flag incorrect sentences and suggest corrections. Word users should take the time to read each one. You can see grammar checker for more information.

Word analyzes what you put in and compares it to the Word internal dictionary. Although the grammar-checker might help you spot some errors, it is not a guarantee. Word’s grammar inspector will treat the sentences below the same way.

“I have to arrange a can.” “I have to arrange a cab.”
“I have to organize a vehicle.”

However, you cannot misspell or use a wrongly spelled word. This will be ignored by the grammar and spelling experts.

Grammatical mistakes can all be detected by the Grammar Checker. Word 2007 uses the grammar checker to identify passive voice. Although it isn’t an error in itself, it can weaken constructions, improper subject-verb agreement, poor subject/verb agreement, common pronoun omissions, conjunction errors, and other such gaffes.

Flagging spelling and grammar errors is done in red. Word may make an appropriate suggestion if Word allows it. The quick-correct function can be accessed by clicking on the flagged phrase or word to access it. Highlight the correction in the context menu to agree. Word will immediately make any necessary adjustments. Word will make the changes for you. To dismiss the suggestion, right click the phrase or word flagged and choose Ignore. Word will delete the green or red flags from your text.

Word will check for spelling errors in a specific text, or throughout a document. Click Review > proofing > spelling and grammar to start the spelling and grammar checking. Use F7 to launch the spelling/grammar checker.

You can turn off the grammar and spelling checker by selecting the Office button. Scroll down to Proofing and delect Mark grammar errors while you write. Click Ok. This will turn off real-time grammar checks in Word 2007.