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Gemstone Energy Medicine

Healing refers to the treatment of an illness, condition, or injury. Complete healing means that you have permanently regained health. Your illness is not going to return. Learn more!

It is essential to deal with any energetic issues that may be causing the problem. Any disease, disorder, or injury affects more than the body. The two first are thoughts and negative emotions about the condition. Next, is disharmonious effluent which diseased, painful, or injured tissues naturally release. Finally, fourth is the energetic counterpart. To achieve complete healing or delay, you must address these four areas. You may also be working on the physical issue.

Gemstone energy medicine, also known as gemstone energy healing, is crucial for total healing. Because of its ability to harmonize and soothe emotions and thoughts, and disperse any disharmonious effluent, the energies of gemstones can directly deal with energetic counterparts. The only way to achieve this is through gemstone therapy. You can also use gemstone energy medicine in combination with any healing modalities or medicines to heal the tissue.

To begin, we will discuss the dissolution of emotional and mental ties. This can be a daunting task as physical illnesses are often associated to a lot of negative emotions. These emotions, thoughts, and feelings can contribute to the stress of living with a chronic disease. A sudden illness or long-term condition can make it difficult to feel happy and healthy. Patients often face a wide range of emotions once they have been diagnosed with a serious condition. They will have to release any anger, despair, guilt or depression they experience about the condition. Because thoughts can be tied to emotions, they tend to cement the reality. For people who worry, fear, and envision the worst, it is more difficult to attain greater health.

Negative feelings and thoughts regarding an injury or illness first hang around the body and then start to seep through the tissues. If they are anchored there they can create changes in the tissue. Your genetics and weaknesses will determine which tissues are affected. Embedded stress is most frequently manifested by a hardening in tissue (such as muscles and blood vessels). This is not just because a person spends their day sitting at a keyboard. A sedentary lifestyle can cause this condition. But, mental stress and constant emotional tension make it worse.

Even though it may take more time to treat a physical condition or improve a health situation, the process of healing emotions and thoughts is often much easier than repairing tissue. Their recognition is part of gemstone energy medicine. Natural healing gemstones are able to balance, clear, and elevate emotional and mental energy. The ability to see the good in others makes it much easier to recognise their own shortcomings. Also, gem energy can empower them to get rid of their negative thoughts and feelings and make way for more positive ones.

Disharmonious energies can build up in or around cells, organs, and emotional energy. This I call the disharmonious effluent. A tissue with a diseased or traumatized state will emit energy that shows its condition. This is what the body was made to do. Disharmonious effluent acts as a warning flare to alert the body. If you can get support from your immune system to reduce the frequency of the alarm, and it will eventually decrease as your immune system works to heal the condition.

A signal flare is ignored when the body’s resources become depleted, or because too many other factors are taking their attention. The harmful effluent gets louder and worsens over time. It can stop the body from releasing its natural healing energies. Additionally, by pressing into already damaged areas it can increase pain. You can lift and eliminate this unwelcome accumulation to allow healing energy to flow.

It is possible to use several types of therapeutic gemstone jewelry necklaces in poultices. Other necklaces can be worn for their healing properties, while others are used to stimulate the immune system. Energy Clearing GEMFormula, which is especially useful for clearing unbalanced effluents. This natural remedy is composed of edible pills that were imprinted in the energies certain gemstones. Combining these energies into one remedy was designed to allow the body to release unwanted energies. Energy Clearing GEMFormula, which is a combination of these energies, may prove to be one of the most important advances in gemstone energy medicine.

A successful healing process for physical tissues requires that the energy counterpart be healed. Each cell and each organ have an energetic essence that is supportive of its functions. You can treat your counterpart no matter the modality that you are using to treat a particular organ. You can also treat its counterpart with gemstone therapy. It allows the body to receive healing energy through natural stones. Is it possible to remove a physical organ?

After suffering a series excruciating gallbladder attacks over the years, I was forced to have my gall bladder removed. The end? I should’ve known. But the sharp, burning pains I felt in my left side did not go away. Although my doctor assured me the gall bladder was excised successfully, there wasn’t a reason to be in pain. The phantom pain was brought up by a friend who works as an energy worker. She reminded my that even physical organs are connected to their energetic counterparts. I was still feeling pain from the gall bladder equivalent until it had healed. I wasn’t able to access any therapeutic gemstones while I was at the hospital. But my imagination was strong enough to create their healing properties.

Gemstones spheres hold healing energy in concentrated containers. The healing energy is light and pure. A bright light was placed inside my gall bladder to alleviate the discomfort caused by my energetic counterpart. This light became ethereal and vibrated with heavenly, beautiful music. Also, I spoke inwardly to my body and the gallbladder counterpart to discuss why the organ had to be torn out. I thanked my gallbladder for being so helpful.

I began to feel the effects of this exercise. My gall bladder pain started to heal and it disappeared within two days. It is still there almost five years after it disappeared.

The mid 1980’s were a pivotal time for gemstone energy healing. Somehow, I was certain that gemstone medicine would transform medical care. I did not understand at that point, because I was only using therapeutic gemstone necklaces. I was unable to believe, and I didn’t think that it would be appropriate, for any reason, that doctors apply gemstone pendants to their patients.

You can understand the premonition now that you can imprint gemstone energy onto edible pills. GEMFormulas would be a great addition to any doctor’s medical treatment. The Energy Clearing GEMFormula by itself could eliminate a considerable amount of any unwanted mental or emotional energies. This could eliminate the hidden energies and symptoms that can compound or obscure a condition, making it much simpler for doctors to treat and diagnose.

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