How to Play Roulette

Roulette is a very common and popular casino table game played all over the world. It comes in many varieties. The European Roulette and American Roulette are the most famous ones. However, some strategies and tricks can help you win more and keep your losses low. Let’s learn the basic Roulette table rules, how to play the game, how to understand the betting methodology, and also how to make use of some important betting strategies.

Roulette: Basic Rules

How to Play Roulette - Roulette: Basic Rules

Roulette is a table game in which the basic apparatus is a rotating wheel. In the European version, the numbers 0-36 are written around the border of the wheel in black and red boxes, except ‘0,’ which is written in a green box. In the American version, an additional number ‘00’ is also present in a green box. Each number has a corresponding small pocket near it on the wheel. The numbers are also written on the table in a specific format as per the roulette game rules.

You can wager on any number by placing your chips on the corresponding number on the table. Then the wheel is rotated in one direction, and a ball is tossed onto it in the opposite direction. When both the wheel and the ball stop, the number corresponding to the slot where the ball stops is determined. If it is the one you bet on, you win as per the rules of roulette. Otherwise, you lose.

How to bet on Roulette

How to bet on Roulette- How to Play Roulette

There are different betting methods and strategies for roulette. You can bet on a single number or a combination of numbers. The single-number bet has a smaller chance to give a favorable result, whereas you increase your chances of winning by betting on a combined group of numbers. When you make one of the roulette combination bets, you win when any one number in the combination group comes as a result. However, the payout will be less in this case. The payout for the single number is the highest in roulette, which is usually 35 to 1. Let’s examine some of the popular betting methods and find out the best way to bet on roulette using some betting combinations.

Inside bet combinations

Betting on a single number or a combination of up to 6 numbers is called the inside bet. With inside Roulette bets, there is a possibility to bet on 4 different combinations. These are the combinations of 2, 3, 4, and 6 numbers.

As per Roulette rules, the payouts of the inside bet combination wins are as follows:

  • 2-number combination – 17:1
  • 3-number combination – 11:1
  • 4-number combination – 8:1
  • 6-number combination – 5:1

Outside bet combinations

The outside roulette bets involve combinations of a larger group of numbers such as all red numbers, all even numbers, one-third (or a dozen) of the total numbers, half of the total numbers, etc. The typical payouts of these combinations as per roulette betting rules are given below:

  • First dozen (numbers 1 – 12) – 2:1
  • Second dozen (numbers 13 – 24) – 2:1
  • Third dozen (numbers 25 – 36) – 2:1
  • First half (numbers 1 – 18) – 1:1
  • Second half (numbers 19 – 36) – 1:1
  • Odd numbers – 1:1
  • Even numbers – 1:1
  • Numbers in red boxes – 1:1
  • Numbers in black boxes – 1:1

Custom strategic combinations

These are the basic combinations. However, the best roulette bets take place when some players combine various numbers to play with a combo of combos. For example, you may bet at the same time on 19-36 and 25-36. Here, 6 numbers, i.e., 19 – 24 overlap from both groups, which means you have two wins if one of those numbers wins. E.g., if 30 turns out, you get a 1:1 reward for one bet and 2:1 for the same number in the other bet. In this particular strategy, you bet the same amount on both combinations and keep betting even when you lose. This way, when you win, you will be able to compensate for the losses. Such combinations made by roulette experts are the best roulette bet combinations.


The above discussion has easily explained the basics of roulette and provided instructions on how to play roulette for beginners. With such elaboration on roulette rules for dummies and easy tips, ‘how to play roulette’ is no more a tough question. Roulette is a game of chance, but our discussion has described the numerous betting combinations that can help you win more and reduce your losses in it. To be an expert in the strategies of betting combinations is to be an expert in roulette.