Best Roulette Strategies

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games of chance played all over the world. Many players simply throw in some money without giving a thought to the technicalities of the game and blindly wait for pure luck to strike. But others study the game in-depth, understand its intricacies, analyze the odds of winning and losing, and calculate the RTP and house edge before putting in their money. Such players have contributed many roulette strategy variants to the gambling world. Further, there are fundamental rules or methods of gameplay, which are inherent to the game and can also be considered minor strategies. Let’s have a look at the most popular ones among the roulette tricks to win big and reduce the losses.

Constant bet strategy

Best Roulette Strategies - Constant bet strategy

In this strategy, as the name suggests, you bet on the same number continuously until you win. Since the bet is on a single number, the odds of winning are just 2.7%, i.e., you may have to face a lot of losses before you win. However, the positive side is that the payout is the highest (35:1) when you bet on a single number. Hence, even if you lose consistently for some time, you may be compensated if you win. Sometimes, betting on different numbers every time but with the same bet amount is also called a Constant bet. So, is it the best roulette strategy? No one can say. It depends. You are simply relying on pure luck. It is only your best strategy for roulette if you care more for the payout than the risks.

Red plus second column (also, Black plus third column)

Best Roulette Strategies - Red plus second column (also, Black plus third column)

This strategy will show you how to win at roulette even when you lose a bit. In a way, it is close to answering the question of how to always win at roulette. The betting board on the roulette table is divided into three equal parts lengthwise called the columns. On each column, there are numbers written in red and black boxes. The second column has more black boxes, and hence more chances to win if the result is a black number.

In this roulette winning strategy, you bet one unit (say, $10) on the second column and double of that amount on Red bet ($20). If a black number turns up, you lose the Red bet, but there is a high chance to win the column bet. The column payout is 2:1, and Red payout is 1:1. If a red number turns up, you win the red bet anyway. So you can either have a net win or at least break even. It is a safe strategy that will carry you a long way. The same strategy can be applied with a combination of Black bet and a third column bet.

Third dozen plus the second half

Best Roulette Strategies - Third dozen plus the second half

In this strategy, you place equal amounts (say, $10) on two bets, namely the third dozen consisting of numbers from 25 to 36, and the second half consisting of numbers from 19 to 36. The numbers 19-24 appear in both bets. Since you don’t bet anything on the first half (numbers 1-18), you lose in case a number from the first half turns up. On the other hand, if a number turns up from the second half (numbers 19-36), you win. Since there is an overlap, if the result belongs to 25-36, you win both bets, i.e., a payout of 1:1 plus 2:1. And if the result belongs to 19-24, you win 1:1 anyway. This one is also a prudent Roulette strategy to win more, compensating well for losses when you win.

Martingale strategy

Best Roulette Strategies - Martingale strategy

This is the most popular strategy among progressive betting methods. In it, you start playing with the least amount and keep doubling the bet when you lose. The disadvantage is that you need a big bankroll. But when you win, you win big to compensate for the losses. There is a reverse mode where you only double the bet when you win; it is a roulette strategy that works without costing you dearly.

Now you know how to win roulette and may develop an individual secret method of how to win online roulette every time. It shows that there is no single best way to win at roulette. Your best strategy depends on many factors such as your bankroll, the time you are ready to spend, and even your personal convictions and gambling style. Thus, the best way to win roulette could be different with every player or even every situation. However, all strategies are suited to give you significant wins and reduce your losses.