European Roulette – Rules and Winning Strategies

European Roulette is one of the most common and popular casino games based on luck. Though the outcome of this game is a matter of pure chance, there are still European Roulette tips and tricks you may apply to increase your chances of winning and reduce the losses. Due to its advantages over the American version of roulette, it has gained wider acceptance and popularity around the world. Let’s see how to play European Roulette and how to win at European Roulette easily.

European Roulette rules

European Roulette – Rules and Winning Strategies

The game fundamentally is a table game with a wheel having numbers from 0 to 36 written around its rim in red and black boxes, except ‘0,’ which is in green. Each number has a small pocket near it. You wager on one (or more) of the numbers. Then the wheel is rotated in one direction, and a ball is tossed in the opposite direction on to the wheel. When both the wheel and the ball stop, the ball comes to rest in a pocket corresponding to one of the numbers. If it is the number you have wagered on, you win. Otherwise, you lose. You cannot wager on the number ‘0.’ The wheel’s numbers from 0 to 36 are also written on the table in a specific format. The betting is done by placing your chips on the numbers on the table. Players can bet differently, with a bearing on various European Roulette strategies. The common betting methods are as follows:

  • Inside bets: You bet on a single number or a small cluster of adjacent numbers. The payout is more in this case as the winning chances are less.
  • Outside bets: For this type of bets, the payout is less compared to inside bets as winning chances are higher. What you do is bet on a wider group of numbers like the upper half (19-36), all odd numbers, all numbers in red boxes, etc.

European Roulette tips and strategies

There are numerous European Roulette tricks players apply to make a win and reduce losses. In truth, some of them are general rules that may be applied to any casino games, while some are specific to European Roulette. Let’s see some of the most important strategies that work for European Roulette.

Multiple outside bets strategy

In this European Roulette strategy, you give importance to wider bets (the outside bets). You keep playing with constant wager amounts on two different groups on the outside bets area. One group is the bigger half, i.e., the group of numbers 19-36. Another group is the third dozen, i.e., the number group 25-36. You place a wager of a constant amount, say, $10, on each of these two groups. Here, you are leaving out the first half of the numbers; if the ball stops on any number from 1 to 18, you lose. Otherwise, you win a prize. And if the result turns out to be a number from 19-24, you get a double win as these numbers appear in both of your bets. Even though you lose many times, your winning chances are also not bad in this strategy, which is considered the best European Roulette strategy by many players.

Martingale strategy

Unlike what was discussed above, the Martingale strategy is more about the way you place the bet than the type of bet you place. It may also be used in many games other than the European Roulette. In this method, you start with a minimum bet amount. If you win, you repeat the game by placing the same amount. And when you lose, you continue playing with double the wager amount. Thus, your wager amount increases as you lose. The idea is that even after losing several times, when you make a win, you will be gaining back all that you lost and a bit more, too. There is a reverse version of this tactic as well, called the Reverse Martingale strategy, in which you increase the bet amount only when you win. It is designed to make sure that you don’t have to face a huge loss at any time. You spend more only when you get enough. This way you are safe.

The European Roulette is a game of chance. However, some strategies and tricks can make your results a bit more predictable, take you a bit closer to the wins, and reduce your chances of losing. We saw more than one European Roulette winning strategy in the above discussion, including a very useful wide bets method, which some players consider the European Roulette best strategy. With a thorough grasp of the rules and sufficient practice, it is not hard for a player to master the game and guarantee constant wins.